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2019 lightning visit to IWM/DX

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, January 27, 2019 21:28:56
Quickie down to IWM Duxford this morning and home for late dinner. Went in Stephenson hangar to see if 'Berlin Express' was there but not to be seen. The Shark 'thing' currently up for sale was in that hangar. Again these were taken with the Galaxy 5 mobile.

Regards, Gary.

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Posted by Gaz Mon, January 28, 2019 17:55:00

Have not heard about a P-38 but things come and go here all the time.The one which came from down under has gone back to its owner because where it was heading could not deal with it and would have ended up in tears so l understand.

Posted by Marcus Mon, January 28, 2019 16:44:29

Nice snaps BTW smiley

Posted by Marcus Mon, January 28, 2019 16:43:10

Gary - you got me excited. I thought a P-38 was coming to DX smiley

Posted by Peter Mon, January 28, 2019 13:56:02

You mentioning Berlin Express, I'm reading Tom Neils book Silver Spitfire. As a liaison officer he had a P51B at his disposal and went out of his way to blag a Malcolm Hood for it because it was so much better than the standard hood. He got some guys to truck it in and spend a day fitting it, then took delivery of a P-51D - and never flew the Malcolm example!

Nice snaps, ta.