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Belle's back

AviationPosted by Peter Smith Thu, May 17, 2018 18:14:18

B-17 Memphis Belle is officially back on display at the USAF museum, Dayton, Ohio, marked by a short ceremony coinciding with the 75th anniversary of her 25th mission. Be nice to see her at some point although I'm not sure on this up in the air lark. Better than strung from the ceiling but aircraft without engines running look better on their wheels, IMHO. Still, looks a grand restoration.

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Posted by The Purist Sun, May 20, 2018 08:44:55

Typical. But at the end of the day we the 'Joe Public' and yes dare I say it 'The Purists' don't get a say in how they are displayed. Seems to me that a lot of people have worked damn hard to restore this historic aircraft from it being attacked not only from the Luftwaffe but vandals too operating out of Memphis armed with 250ml spray cans, but having spent so much time trying to recreate how it looked once upon a time it falls at the last fence for me with those cheap and 'tacky' photo boards in the background. Great applied finish on it and pleased to see it got some long overdue TLC. Hollywood in my view has done this aircraft no favours over the years and at times have clearly took the p*ss which I myself find disturbing and insulting to the poor buggers who flew this fine old aeroplane many times over Europe and crossed the 'Big Pond' with it. Too much'glitz' from 'The Purists' angle. But others might like the way it's displayed. 'Mary Alice' or whatever it's called this week looks better in the AAM at Duxford than that though. But upwards and onwards eh ?

Posted by Peter Thu, May 17, 2018 22:35:09

Yes Mark, I've read several times about only 2 Lancs surviving. Too many reporters don't know/check the difference between airworthy and surviving. It's lazy and makes you doubt everything else they say.

Posted by Marcus Thu, May 17, 2018 20:44:59

Yeah the up in the air thing is a little weird. I know all public are not like us, but no one will be able to go inside. That's where it really hits home for me. I also have to vent here as well. First "news" article I looked at @ First line says "Only a dozen World War II B-17s have survived the hands of time." Sigh.... even Wiki says there are 47.