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What's this then?

AviationPosted by Peter Smith Fri, February 09, 2018 18:46:55
Noticed this in a well known magazine. Do we know what the long term project is?

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Posted by Peter Fri, February 16, 2018 18:03:09

Hadn't heard that mate, glad plane and pilot are OK.

Posted by G Fri, February 16, 2018 07:37:32

Talking P-47 'SNAFU' have you heard as had an in-flight engine failure but landed ok including the pilot 'Tuna' during a USAF Heritage thingy ?gex

Posted by G Wed, February 14, 2018 15:35:34

You cannot rule it out. And l hear "No Guts No Glory' is back up for sale again so we can rule that out .

Posted by Peter Tue, February 13, 2018 17:45:14

I was speculating P-38, with 'other' warbirds around as well it seemed to work.

Posted by G Tue, February 13, 2018 16:35:18

Just in. 'whispers in the wires' has just pointed out that 'The South Midlands' covers Northamptonshire and Rutland. Spanhoe or Sywell long-term project ?

Posted by G Tue, February 13, 2018 08:23:20

The owner is known for running out of 'readies' and has in the past sold a P-51D project because of this issue and is now flying in the USA.

Posted by Peter Mon, February 12, 2018 22:29:53

Cheers Gaz

Posted by TAWC Sun, February 11, 2018 10:23:04

'Whispers in the wires suggest it's 'Da Quake'

Posted by G Sun, February 11, 2018 10:20:26

Caution here. all that 'glitter's' ain't gold !!