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Another year

AviationPosted by Peter Smith Sat, December 30, 2017 18:49:10

Looking back over the last 12 months and its been a reasonably full year once more. Four air shows, including a couple of firsts in Abingdon and a Shuttleworth event, some museum visits, several old airfields and memorials, an interesting tour of the C-54 at North Weald and my first wreck pilgrimage, up a Scottish mountain. There's been one or two gripes, mainly relating to cones and fencing, the odd surprise - P-51s 'kissing' at DX, a Twister coming down at Abingdon - but generally a good year with good companions on more than one occasion.

Next year is of course the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF so there will be events to mark that and I'm sure to end up at one or two. Cosford springs to mind if they keep their promise and drag some museum exhibits out in to the open. Legends is always on the calendar but we'll see what's in the line up before committing as this year was a little disappointing and I thought the IWM show in September was far better. IWM is also changing with a new membership scheme having started and Friends of Duxford will be no more once my membership expires in May. Not decided what to sign up to yet as the new scheme has just added stuff that is of little interest but that seems to be the way of the world where 'improvements' are concerned.

So here are a few reminders from 2017. Next year I'm hoping to get a bit further afield again so watch this space. Oh yes, and a Happy New Year all.

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Posted by G Tue, January 02, 2018 12:10:27

Thank you Peter and its been a pleasure sending you stuff. I'll be watching and waiting. T5 Whats that ?😄

Posted by Peter Mon, January 01, 2018 23:21:45

Mark - good luck with that then :-)

Gaz, I hope you are tempted to head out once or twice as that will mean there is something interesting out there which is good for all of us and offers the potential to catch up for a natter as well. In the meantime thanks for you contributions over the last year, much appreciated.

Posted by Marcus Mon, January 01, 2018 22:32:52

Peter, a written exam based on the ground school, another 20-30 hours or so combined instruction/solo, then the flight exam.

Posted by Peter Mon, January 01, 2018 00:37:47

Way to go Mark, nice one - how long before you get the magic piece of paper, all being well that is?

Posted by tony brockett Sun, December 31, 2017 07:42:13

Wishing all a very Happy New Year.

Posted by Marcus Sun, December 31, 2017 01:31:09

Another year indeed! After missing a year it was wonderful to make it back to Legends and meet up with you afterwards Peter. The UK tour my friend James and I did in July was extremely enjoyable. Only one other airshow for me and a local one at that. The wingman and I made it to Munich for the Christmas market and I managed a Third Reich walking tour that proved itself quite entertaining. I am also fulfilling a lifelong dream. After completing ground school in February, I now sit at just under 18 hours in a Cessna C172. I'm going for my private pilot's license!

Posted by G Sun, December 31, 2017 00:18:15

Really pleased to read that by and large, you enjoyed getting 'out there' and enjoying yourself at various museum visits and the airshows and viewing crash-sites in depth this year. I agree in full your comment regarding the IWM 'September' airshow, it was really good this year instead of it being a pretty predictable affair and tending to be a somewhat 'dull'. Nice meeting up with you both and the after show meal and thought the Mig/Venom/Vampire was bloody outstanding considering the issues we have had to put up with regarding the displaying of former jet military aircraft in this country and it was also nice to see the CAA although throwing caution to the wind this year being also even-handed. Bearing in mind these aircraft came from mainland Europe and the CAA trusted them with the paperwork and that trust shows to me things are starting to bounce back for people attending airshows within the United Kingdom. OK the Replica Boomerang did not appear at Abingdon, but the bottom line was that the CAA are, whilst still keen to allow airshows in this country to take place, are now insisting that display pilots are fit for the purpose and above all have the interests of the general public be it inside an airshow or outside an airshow and that has good to be good for all concerned. Surprised that for the first time this year you left 'early' and thought about the journey home, and there's me thinking that action was reserved for me. Also surprised to read you are also thinking about attending next years Flying Legends on the basis of what may be attending. You have that right to choose what your going to do, advance ticket or not and glad your thinking about outside 'the box'. the bit that read 'as this year was a 'little' disappointing was not a surprise because I noted a few 'chirps' from you at the September display talking amongst ourselves on the line. Having seen 'Miss Velma' return to the airfield on Legends Monday on the back of a low-loader, it was clear that the pilot did bloody well with that and full credit to him including his airmanship which is less than I can say for the pilot of the Sharkmouth Mustang which was poor and thankfully had a happy ending and a 'downwind' landing thrown into the incident not by choice for the pilot of 'Miss Helen'. That old bird has had some bad luck over the years and pleased good fast thinking airmanship made it back to the airfield more or less in one piece and all this in front of thousands of punters and the CAA. I doubt next you will hear any moaning from me regarding red and white road cones etc, because as you know I've walked away from UK airshows because of various issues I have with them. I may like you, watch and see whats due into a few airshows next year and attend the arrival days if anything exotic is due to roll up but depends if anything unseen before comes to the UK. But I look forward seeing what you have 'snapped' whilst 'out there' for many years to come. Remember, this is 'your' hobby so enjoy it.