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Hucknall 1973

AviationPosted by Gary Thu, December 28, 2017 19:06:37
Whilst researching what I've seen over the years, I came across this on a Nottingham history forum and these pictures were taken by a forum member called 'Antoni' and lives abour 4 minutes away from me. These photographs taken by him are of the last ever airshow put on for Rolls Royce employees and future customers at Rolls Royce Hucknall during the summer of 1973. The reason they never put on another show there was because a local zoo owner 'bitched' about the noise and was the cause of a lion eating a lion cub due to the noise and stress of it all. What was the cause of the noise ? The Blue Angels in F4s thats what. I watched along with around 450-500 'freeloaders' from the local golf course which was owned by 'The City of Nottingham' city council and being Labour through and through turned a blind eye and allowed we 'lower-classes' to stand and watch the action free of charge and from behind the airfield boundry fence. In fact Rolls Royce used to send an RAF Land Rover to sell programmes to us and at least one time they 'dispatched' and ice-cream van to us which ran the whole length of the crowd-line. You would not get that in the 'naughty field' at DX would you ? I was there that day and the Blue Angels made their way to Hucknall without ATC and followed the 'M1' to get to Hucknall having the M1 at the threshold of the runway at the Watnall village end. Great dynamic performance and had to cover my 'lug-holes' and thought they were the greatest thing since 'sliced bread'. On landing, one burst a tyre and the two landing behind it applied the 'after-burners' and went round again. I also remember the Red Arrows there and sat on Their Folland Gnats watching the action too. The 'Fat Albert' was 'all-white' and not in it's today colours of blue white yellow. These photographs were 'lifted' from this Nottingham history forum and were taken by the poster called 'Antoni' who it appears was an employee of Rolls Royce Hucknall. That is his wife and daughter in the second photo.

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Posted by G Fri, December 29, 2017 09:29:57

Number of reasons it all went wrong, Rolls had gone bust in 1971 followed by thick 'know-sod-all' clueless politicians meddling in affairs within the aviation industry. The Greenham Common peace women and their CO Mon Snr Bruce Kent, 'The Labour Party' This country going 'soft' on the official secrets act, The Beatles, Mig 31 Foxhound, Loss of Mr Williams Mr OHB Mr Bullock Mr Hanna Snr and Jnr Mr Hawk Mr Grace, Loss of the Firefly P-38 P-63 A-26 TF-51 Varsity Vintage Pair Andy Hill. ASB going 'west' including the epic failure of the Black Box gizmo thingy, Advance tickets coming into play, and that famous 'chirp' from 'Sabrejet' on a key publishing thingy when he replied to a question regarding why do they have advance tickets at the Stow Maris airshow ? to which he replied 'to keep the 'Riff Raff' away. Pay over the odds and extra for exclusive photo-shoots. People with big ideas coming into the hobby, higher admission prices, debit card 'hacking', change in weather , wonderful rare as rocking horse poo projects coming to a full stop, the disclosure of Latin America off-shore tax free accounts including 'Jersey' and it did not help when I fell asleep in one of those cheapo canvas fold-up chairs from TESCO at the 2014 RAF Waddington International airshow. VTTS and with regard to Rolls Royce they are not interested in the public viewing their company Spitfire because it's not intended or aimed at the general public and is for public air-to-air shots with new Boeing models powered by their engines and no place for the general public to show an interest at all. Hucknall Airshows were put on by RR for staff and inviting the shop floor brigade was more of a 'kind gesture' and an after thought, more so when a pay increase had been 'requested'.

Posted by Peter Thu, December 28, 2017 22:34:57

Good times by the sounds of it Gaz. Where/when did it all go wrong!

And a nice Spit before it got bent.