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EMA Aeropark 11-5-2019 2

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, May 12, 2019 15:19:53
Tell a lie mate, the wings for the Sea Venom were there see here along with a few more snaps with the Galaxy 6 'thingy'.

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EMA Aeropark 11-5-2019

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, May 11, 2019 17:09:25
Called into the Aeropark at East Midlands Airport this afternoon on the way home. Apart from a RN Lynx and Sea King and a Jetstream, things are as normal up there. Work was on-going on the target-tug Meteor and Buccaneer. The Jet Provost was from Morton Wiltshire and loads of work have gone into making it a wonderful static display aircraft. Threw in a few roadcones and galvanised fences just for old times sake.

Regards Gaz...................

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Big Bristol ?

AviationPosted by Gary Tue, May 07, 2019 17:57:16
Upon entering the TFC hangar 5-5-2019 I caught one of Bruce Almighty's little helpers f*rting about with this. According to our friend Dennis Voss (ex ASB) he reckons this is a Bristol Hercules !! Beaufighter ?.

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Duxford Visit 5-5-2019

AviationPosted by Gary Mon, May 06, 2019 21:37:53
Hun Hunter From Texas had the canopy cover off and got a fairly good snap . Back at Old Warden the Aces High C-47 appeared half painted but looked more of a RAF green to me unless me old eyes are going.

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Duxford Visit 5-5-2019

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, May 05, 2019 22:15:55

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Flying Legends

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, February 09, 2019 22:03:43

For your consideration.......................................................................................

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Still there.......

AviationPosted by Gary Wed, January 30, 2019 21:14:45
The Bristol Blenheim which we saw two years ago in January through the window is still there and clearly not the one that went to Tangmere. Is this one of two recovered by Hayden Ormond Ballie ?

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Visit 27/1/2019 IWM/DX

AviationPosted by Gary Mon, January 28, 2019 23:10:51
A few more taken with the Samsung. Sally-B was being worked on and also I saw that Blenhiem in the forge we saw and confirmed this was not the one given to a Kent museum by 'JR' . Three chaps working on a Sunday on the Firefly wings. I did the Lancaster talk/tour for £11.

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2019 lightning visit to IWM/DX

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, January 27, 2019 21:28:56
Quickie down to IWM Duxford this morning and home for late dinner. Went in Stephenson hangar to see if 'Berlin Express' was there but not to be seen. The Shark 'thing' currently up for sale was in that hangar. Again these were taken with the Galaxy 5 mobile.

Regards, Gary.

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RAFM Hendon visit 27-12-2018

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, December 29, 2018 13:00:18
Rare outing to RAF Museum Hendon and Old Warden 27-12-2018 and all snaps were taken with a 'box-standard' Samsung Galaxy 5 mobile phone : Regards Gary.

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DX September Show 2018

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, September 02, 2018 11:06:49
I can only make thursday pre-show this year due to work and stuff. Hoping to see or catch a glimpse of 'JR's new restoration 'Lizzie' which the last time I saw was with 'Joe' in the forge end shop 2006/7 ? Christ where does the time go ?. Possible latest Hurricane off the production-line is a 'possible' so I understand from a trusted source. Hope also to see the totally restored PR Spitfire from the 'JR' stable too. I read there are tickets only available now wirh 'Anglia Trains' and punters should check for industrial action to be on the safe side. I assume Duxford School is opening up for the two-day event and good on them. No 'White 14' as yet but as you know things can change, but word from two sources in the south used the term 'don't hold your breath' !!

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War 'Walkies' Rolls Royce Hucknall

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, August 19, 2018 15:00:55
Ages since I was last up there, so went to see the condition of the former company airfield and whats become of it. A nature trail/walk has been set up with at least two water lagoons with reeds for wildfowl included. Private house building is well underway along with rented homes too which look like housing association houses. Got to walk on the main runway maybe for the last time and missed 'Chaz' being there but did think about him as I stood there with 'louie'. Control tower is still there and being used as a fire/security office. We were both 'cream crackered' by the time we got home.

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Delayed CR.42 Shots.

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, July 14, 2018 21:10:27
Seen in the TFC hangar were Bob photographed it. I wondered if Key Publishing had got exclusive photo rights to it.

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FL2018 Thursday 'Arrivals 12-7-2018

AviationPosted by Gary Thu, July 12, 2018 21:53:29
Just a few 'snaps' from today's 'Jolly' to IWM/DX/FL 2018 . Not posted any shots of CR.42 because Bruce Almighty's right-hand man asked me not too until Saturday. But I'll assume the boss will be posting anyway. Looking good for you.

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Lincolnshire outing with 'H'

AviationPosted by Gary Wed, June 20, 2018 19:54:16
'H' asked me to take him to East Kirkby to see his mate Tony Agar working on the Mosquito down from Elvington. Bearing in mind 'H' is not 100% how could I refuse to take him even though my own thoughts are that 'Joe Public' is being thrown a 'kipper' regarding the return to flight of Avro Lancaster 'JJ'. Anyway here are some snaps of the days visit. The two new 'Nissen' huts are almost complete and due to have installed the trucks and pieces of crash-sites from the main hangar to make more room for restoring various pieces of historic equipment. Tony Agar was indeed there today working on his pride and joy in the vain hope of getting it ready for the August Airshow as a 'static' thingy. Called into RAF Coningsby to see the 5pm display involving a Spitfire and Typhoon but we heard it was 'scrubbed' because of the wind speed and so me and 'H' had another cup of tea and went right home.

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