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VC 10 Bash Bruntingthorpe

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, January 13, 2018 16:45:08

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Hucknall 1973

AviationPosted by Gary Thu, December 28, 2017 19:06:37
Whilst researching what I've seen over the years, I came across this on a Nottingham history forum and these pictures were taken by a forum member called 'Antoni' and lives abour 4 minutes away from me. These photographs taken by him are of the last ever airshow put on for Rolls Royce employees and future customers at Rolls Royce Hucknall during the summer of 1973. The reason they never put on another show there was because a local zoo owner 'bitched' about the noise and was the cause of a lion eating a lion cub due to the noise and stress of it all. What was the cause of the noise ? The Blue Angels in F4s thats what. I watched along with around 450-500 'freeloaders' from the local golf course which was owned by 'The City of Nottingham' city council and being Labour through and through turned a blind eye and allowed we 'lower-classes' to stand and watch the action free of charge and from behind the airfield boundry fence. In fact Rolls Royce used to send an RAF Land Rover to sell programmes to us and at least one time they 'dispatched' and ice-cream van to us which ran the whole length of the crowd-line. You would not get that in the 'naughty field' at DX would you ? I was there that day and the Blue Angels made their way to Hucknall without ATC and followed the 'M1' to get to Hucknall having the M1 at the threshold of the runway at the Watnall village end. Great dynamic performance and had to cover my 'lug-holes' and thought they were the greatest thing since 'sliced bread'. On landing, one burst a tyre and the two landing behind it applied the 'after-burners' and went round again. I also remember the Red Arrows there and sat on Their Folland Gnats watching the action too. The 'Fat Albert' was 'all-white' and not in it's today colours of blue white yellow. These photographs were 'lifted' from this Nottingham history forum and were taken by the poster called 'Antoni' who it appears was an employee of Rolls Royce Hucknall. That is his wife and daughter in the second photo.

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Bruntingthorpe Jam 19-11-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, November 19, 2017 17:36:42
The current status of Bruntingthorpe airfield as of 19-11-2017. Fiat 500 FG63-TKC and not TFC, has flown unlike Stephen Grey's Fiat which has not.smiley

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Bruntingthorpe OMG !! 19-11-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, November 19, 2017 17:28:50
20 minutes away whilst visiting close family, I popped into Bruntingthorpe proving grounds in the vain hope of snapping a few aircraft with the box-brownie. However that was not to be the case and was staggered to see the amount of used and ex rental cars stored on the airfield. First thing that came to mind was the falling sales of new cars and to me it looks like the used car market is also falling into free-fall looking at all this on the airfield. Car transporters were turning up at the airfield whilst I was there and yes, a Sunday and all. Also it would appear the owners of the airfield are moving earth/grass to make more hard stands for the cars, so gives the expression that more motors are going to roll up soon and be there at Bruntingthorpe in the open for some time. No wonder one of the 'Cold War' jet event did not take place this year because it is wall to wall with stock. I looked and thought even at the £25 night photo-shoots you would need to work very hard to not get cars or vans in your shots. Beech restorations looks 'closed' and the blue C-45 in US Navy colours is parked outside with cockpit cover on and does not appear to be going anywhere fast. The last time I went to Bruntingthorpe, a security guard got sh*tty with me and said I'd never return but I'm pleased to say he was not at the gate house today whilst paying the very modest £5 entrance fee. Yes 'cash' only here and non of your contactless sh*t here I'm pleased to say. Anyway, without further delay, here's some images of the today's visit showing the full extent of the airfields current status. BTW 'punter's' are not allowed to venture beyond the Nimrod because of photography restrictions and health and safety issues, so forget about getting some nice snaps of the Comet Tri-Star (3) and VC 10 ex 10 Squadron ?. Warning : Road-one content of which the poster had no control over and some viewers might find distressing.

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AviationPosted by Gary Sat, November 18, 2017 08:39:12
Expect an 'SOE' boss on this one with a few things I'd like to point out.

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Just asking ......

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, November 18, 2017 08:35:41
Anything at all ?

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T*ts and bits.........

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, November 12, 2017 10:07:42
Noted yesterday.

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Coningsby hangar talk 13-10-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Wed, October 18, 2017 20:37:00

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BBMF Hangar 13-10-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, October 14, 2017 12:35:59
During the 3 Squadron re-union we were taken for a 'over-the-ropes' tour splitting into two waves. The BBMF Dakota have had it's repaired engine re-installed yesterday and all the other aircraft except for of the Chipmunks and the baby Spitfire are stripped down for winter-serving. The baby Spitfire is off to be serviced at Biggin Hill soon which might explain why it was parked up near the end hangar doors with the 'dayglo' Chipmunk which I assume will bring the ferry pilot back. We did briefly catch a glimpse of 'Parky' who retired flying from the flight this week. Anyway here are the important bits of the day. Did smile at the fact that 'JR' and his crew had ripped the Lancaster apart only this year and here it was starting to be stripped-down yet again in so many months.smiley

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3(F) Squadron reunion RAF Coningsby

AviationPosted by Gary Sat, October 14, 2017 12:04:54
Friday the 13th I had the pleasure of being with former and current members of 3(F) Squadron at RAF Coningsby Lincolnshire. I had a most enjoyable day with them and included having a go on the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator on the base and then later trying the real thing for size. I did not matter that it was not a 3 Squadron 'kite' l never thought l would get to sit in one and was quite happy over the years just to photograph a Typhoon without road-cones around it and this was a great for me as I bow out of this hobby/interest I've done since 1966. Like me, 3 Squadron have indeed come along way over the years to where we both are in time. I am a big fan of 3 Squadron because when I get to meet up with them, they except me for what I am being 'Joe Public' and not media and it's great to rub-shoulders with them although sadly this was to be for the last time. But the squadron was as normal polite and welcoming and even took two elderly persons around to the 3 Squadron 'hub' in a car instead of making them climb aboard a small provided mini-coach which would not have been easy for them. 'H' turned out to be the eldest attending and squadron was over the moon that an ex 3 Squadron Gatow 'Tempest' man was there and the 'Boss' Squadron Leader Cunningham thanked 'H' for making the journey and hoped to see him again in the future. I'd never done a 'sim' game in my life and was quite happy to watch the other's have a go on the simulator at which point the 'Boss' included me and I have to say I did enjoy having a go with some pretty expensive 'kit' under the direction of the 'Boss' and a nice chap from British Aerospace. Learned loads during the days visit and paid attention. For a start I was surprised to hear that the RAF are going to scrap all the 'T-Birds' so no more joyriding for the ground crews and must be a sign of the times and I think I'm right in saying that the RAF did similar with the Tornado F3s after so long. Did hear that the BAF are going to buy Eurofighter Typhoon and their people were at RAF Coningsby last week trying the simulator out. Now I wondered if this was a stop gap until they get the JSF F-35 ? I did not get to hear if these new Typhoon's are going to be manufactured here at Warton or made by the Germans or Italians. Bearing in mind 'Brexit' is on the horizon I wondered if indeed the BAF were at the stage of window shopping and with Austria downgrading to the single-engined Saab current offering, on some kind of lend-lease/hire deal I was surprised that the BAF were going in that direction seeing as I don't think they have ever operated a twin-engine aircraft ever unless I've missed something. F-16 F-84 F 104 and early single-engine French Mirage springs to mind operated by the BAF over the past years. I guess time will tell. Anyway not wanting to sound like 'Le French Tickler' or Rod Dean 'chirping' away for bloody hours on end, here are some 'snaps' with the box-browniesmiley 'And the third shall be first'

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Northern dispatches....

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, October 08, 2017 19:20:50
Doncaster Aeroventure Hunting Sea Prince is still on their site and not yet departed for the Ulster Aviation Society museum near Belfast. The incomplete Harrier has now obtained a wing and will arrive soon. No sign of the Dominie wing yet but that could change anytime. Ex Argentinian MB 399A '0767' has had 'drain-holes' drilled in the airframe and is expected to be re-positioned into the workshop sometime next year for re-finishing in it's original Argentinian Falklands colour-scheme. A pair of wings are being sourced for the aircraft as Rolls Royce 'trashed' it's original wings when being prepared as a Rolls Royce test-bed demo aircraft at RRB Filton. Jet Provost XM350 has had it's first coat of light grey finish to the topside of the wings and tailpane and the project should be completed in about two weeks just before winter calls. The Roundels are being applied next year so l understand.

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Northern dispatches....

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, October 08, 2017 17:36:24
Well well well well well, we are over the moon up here in the North because one of our people has informed us that 'Col Joe's workshop 'roadkill' thingy has got a serious rival and it's only about 800m as the crow flies. Our man 'H' and his wingman had a clean hot and very tasty breakfast for £5.50 over the road at the former offices mess thingy. Yes, £5.50 that's cheaper then Peterborough and Cambridge services 8 items ordeal for £6.99
So Col. Joe, shove your 'roadkill' up your a*se smiley

Doncaster Aeroventure have got hold of a wing for their composite Harrier and will be with the museum soon. Ulster Sea Prince is still on site. Bloody thick as two short planks protesters have been at it again at RAF Waddington bitching about drones and the fact that the the UK has been operating them for 10 years. They look like members of UKAR to me.

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Doncaster update 4-10-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Wed, October 04, 2017 20:44:57
Latest update from up north at the Doncaster AeroVenture is as follows. Sea Prince still onsite, although it is hoped that it will depart soon because the Dominie which has arrived at the museum needs that area where the Sea Prince is awaiting removal because they have found a wings for it. I understand the wing on a Dominie is all in one piece and so a good size area for a crane is required. The VVTS/SYAM members have been hard at it restoring the Vulcan cockpit and appear to have applied some kind of protective coating to the rear of the cockpit. About five people were working on the Vulcan today. Harrier composite airframe is still the same as it was some weeks ago when I was up there, so nothing new to report there. The Jet Provost XM350 has had another red and white coat applied by me today and now sports an 'anti-dazzle' thingy also. The overall coating now looks more solid now it's had the second coat.

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More Duxford September show images

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, September 24, 2017 14:24:59
Here is more of yesterday and also with regret one disgusting and vile image showing a failure on the part of the IWM allowing such riff raff on site dressed like that. I'm bloody off the building sites 43 years but I know to conduct myself thank you very much and I did feel for 'The Wingman' during this disgusting and if I had got that camo-netting I place over road-cones I'd have put it into operation to spare 'The Wingman any blushes.
Thank Christ there was no 'skid marks' to compound matters further.

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IWM Duxford Sepember show

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, September 24, 2017 13:59:41
Wow, did I bow out in style at yesterday's IWM Duxford airshow. Here's my take on it. As September shows go this has got to be one of the better ones I've attended at Duxford over the years. It appeared to me that a lot more thought had gone into it and it paid off. It only fell flat on it's ar*e with charging 8 quid for a poxy airshow program and the traffic management was, as is always the case at chucking-out time 'p*ss poor'. Your poxy 'car-pass' might have got you in quick but the 'great escape' needs some serious looking at. And you cannot blame the re-surfacing work going on outside the airfield because they were not working were they?. But I was in some ever-so wonderful company (no riff-raff) in the form of 'The Boss' and his 'Wingman' and the very talented Mr Rob Brindley who let me have a good look at Fresni and Berlin Express after asking permission. Old 'Miss Helen' has some bloody bad luck and was knocked back after hearing the news that it been assulted by something with big gnashers, but thankfully it all end safe and sound but not before a very fast downwind landing. Never seen that before and full credit to the pilots for getting the damaged aircraft down on the ground. Bet 'JR' is rubbing his hands !! Dinner at 'The Rose' in Stapleford went well although no thanks to being delayed in the DX carpark by people who could quite frankly could not run a p*ss-up in a brewery and just in time to make the booked table. I was please to find 'The Rose' intact and not 'got' by the Luftwaffe at all. Also grateful to 'The Wingman' for offering emergency rations keeping me going till the steak and ale pie.

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