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Bruntingthorpe OMG !! 19-11-2017

AviationPosted by Gary Sun, November 19, 2017 17:28:50
20 minutes away whilst visiting close family, I popped into Bruntingthorpe proving grounds in the vain hope of snapping a few aircraft with the box-brownie. However that was not to be the case and was staggered to see the amount of used and ex rental cars stored on the airfield. First thing that came to mind was the falling sales of new cars and to me it looks like the used car market is also falling into free-fall looking at all this on the airfield. Car transporters were turning up at the airfield whilst I was there and yes, a Sunday and all. Also it would appear the owners of the airfield are moving earth/grass to make more hard stands for the cars, so gives the expression that more motors are going to roll up soon and be there at Bruntingthorpe in the open for some time. No wonder one of the 'Cold War' jet event did not take place this year because it is wall to wall with stock. I looked and thought even at the £25 night photo-shoots you would need to work very hard to not get cars or vans in your shots. Beech restorations looks 'closed' and the blue C-45 in US Navy colours is parked outside with cockpit cover on and does not appear to be going anywhere fast. The last time I went to Bruntingthorpe, a security guard got sh*tty with me and said I'd never return but I'm pleased to say he was not at the gate house today whilst paying the very modest £5 entrance fee. Yes 'cash' only here and non of your contactless sh*t here I'm pleased to say. Anyway, without further delay, here's some images of the today's visit showing the full extent of the airfields current status. BTW 'punter's' are not allowed to venture beyond the Nimrod because of photography restrictions and health and safety issues, so forget about getting some nice snaps of the Comet Tri-Star (3) and VC 10 ex 10 Squadron ?. Warning : Road-one content of which the poster had no control over and some viewers might find distressing.

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